1 measure Kahula

1 measure Grand Marrnier

1 measure Baileys

Layer in a shot glass in that order

Layer in that order in a shot glass

Dash of grenadine

1 measure Archers

1 measure Baileys

:Brain Damage

 Gin Smash:

1tbsp caster sugar

4 sprigs of fresh mint

2 measures dry gin


Place ingredients into a cocktail shaker half filled with Crushed ice

Shake for about 20 seconds

Strain into a small wine glass

Garnish with the mint sprigs


Pour into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice

Shake for 20 seconds

Loosely fill a cocktail glass with finely crushed ice

Strain the drink into the glass

11/4 measures prune juice

measure Amaretto

measure Cointreau

:Hooded Claw