South Pacific:

1 measures white rum

measure blue curacao

measure limejuice

Shake the ingredients well with ice

Strain into a cocktail glass

Garnish with lime slice

Squeeze the lime wedge into a highball glass half filled with ice, then drop it in

Stir tequila and orange juice in a separate glass with ice

Strain the mix into the highball glass

Slowly pour the grenadine in

Allow the grenadine to settle, then stir slightly and serve

Lime wedge

2 measures tequila

4 measures orange juice

measure grenadine

:Tequilla Sunrise


measure vodka

measure Midori

2 measures of cranberry juice

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker half filled with cracked ice

Shake for 30 seconds

Strain into a cocktail glass and serve

Pour ingredients into a shaker half filled with cracked ice cubes

Shake well until chilled

Strain into a highball glass also half filled with crushed ice

Garnish with a cherry or a sprig of mint

2 measures dark rum

measure light rum

measure cherry brandy

1 measures lemon juice

measures blood-orange juice

3 dashes grenadine